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  • Kanal Wiki (alspup)
  • Caption
    • EL: Η μεγάλη πηγή καναλιών... είναι εδώ!!!
    • EN: Our large source of channels... is here!!!
  • HM100WallContribs

I have started the wiki and I was only alone and I end up in 55 pages. Lately, another user called Nick mick came to my wikia and we expanded the wiki ourselves and we ended up in 71 articles. I have a well mainpage and nick mick added something to create more articles that are currently not made. In addition, we also want more users to contribute into this largest source of channels so we can have a much better wiki than before

MarTsok 14:34, August 12, 2017 (UTC)


Hi, thank you for requesting a spotlight. It looks like you put a lot of effort in your wiki. However, your main page might be a bit confusing or unattractive for new visitors and your picture is dominated by text.

Please make sure that your main page contains not only large chunks of text, but also links to the most important articles and at least one image. Colorized text-shadows aren't good highlights for text so please remove them.

Since the caption will already be there, we need a picture that is not a logo or is largely dominated by text. Can you please provide a new image?

Thanks :)
Vuh18:36, 16 Aug 2017@fandom
I'll start doing the cleanup now. I'll try to revmap both the image and also the main page, it will include more links including to more articles in where I did. So colorized text shadows will be removed but I will re-add them for myself. So including only channel logos as I did is allowed then? I will do a replacement soon
Checkmark Done Image revmpaed without the red text. If not, I can re-make it again.
Main Page is in the progress of linking to more Large articles and also additional images. In where I may put this in the next revmap of the spotlight image.
I have added more images, and I'll use more links leading to categories, in where they exist important information about channels, emissions and more, like what Σφουγγαροπαίδεια does. MarTsok 17:24, August 16, 2017 (UTC)
Checkmark Done Remade the image. logos are now 3 relevant persons now which are presenters on Greek Radio Television. And I also made changes to the mainpage, giving more important links to categories where Channels/Emissions/Presenters are listed. This change also adds more images to the main page so now new users can easily navigate to any content article without any doubt. MarTsok 02:43, August 17, 2017 (UTC)