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To make a request
  • Before posting
  • When posting
  • You can make a request by clicking the button below
  • With exception of "Extra information", you have to fill out all provided fields
  • Make good use of {{Translation}}, which consists of two language dropdowns ("Choose language"):
    • The first one is the source language (the language translated from)
    • The second one is the goal language (the language translated to)
To translate
  • Start translation
  • When you start working on it, do the following:
    1. Click "Edit" and go to source mode
    2. Add {{WIP}} at the bottom and sign (~~~~)
    3. Change {{Translate header}} (top of the page) to {{Translate header/on hold}}
    4. Change [[Category:New translations]] (bottom of the page) to [[Category:On hold translations]]
    5. Publish.
  • When you stop translating before all is finished, do the following:
    1. Click "Edit" and go to source mode
    2. Shortly write what parts you have translated for the next translator
    3. Put the header back to {{Translate header}} and the category to [[Category:New translations]]
    4. Publish.
  • Finish translation
  • When you finish the translation, do the following:
    1. Click "Edit" and go to source mode
    2. Add {{Done}} at the bottom and sign (~~~~)
    3. Change {{Translate header/on hold}} (top of the page) to {{Translate header/completed}}
    4. Change [[Category:On hold translations]] (bottom of the page) to [[Category:Completed translations]]
    5. Publish.
  • You can additionally post a message on the message wall of the requester, so that he/she sees that it has been finished.
  • No requests?

No requests for your language on this page? No worry: you can also find a category Translation from English on Wikianswers, with words or expressions that need to be translated. Any of these questions will only take about a minute to be answered.

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