Go to your preferences and there you can select the language you want. This has some advantages:

  • (yes) The MediaWiki interface is in your language.
  • (not yet) A system that I call "in-page translation"
    • Some project pages are translated into your language.
    • The words (= titles, ...) in the articles are in your language.
  • (not yet) "Language selector": With this you can select the language in wich the translations (articles) are.

Interface Edit

Anonymous users Edit

Only English. But there exists an extension LanguageSelector. You can choose your language like in your preferences (see "Logged in users"). Maybe this is possible to install...

Logged in users Edit

Go to your preferences and there you can select the language you want. The interface will be in that language. Maybe not everything is translated, then you can translate at Betawiki.

Language select Edit

See the Meta-Wiki for more information.

The language selector is used for translations (see here) of words in the main namespace. This isn't the same language as in your preference, you can just change the language with the tool at the right.

Use <div class="multilingual"></div>

In-page translator Edit

Crystal Clear action configure
Under construction
This page is currently under construction.

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