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This is the style policy, which explains what style and formatting conventions you should stick to when creating, writing, translating and correcting pages.

Creating pages Edit

  • Content pages (without prefix)
    • You are free to create translations of any existing article, to any of the languages we support.
    • Since all pages need to be for all languages, please do not create pages that have no English equivalent.
    • Have a good idea for a new page? Put it on the forums or tell an admin — we'd love to hear it!
  • Project (wiki name as prefix)
    • Idem as content pages.
  • Category
  • File
  • You can freely create
    • Talk pages of any namespace
    • User blogs
    • User subpages

Content pages Edit

  • Most pages have two categories:
    • For language-specific pages, they have the language category (e.g. EN-English) and the page category (e.g. Join)
    • For internationalized pages, they have

Category pages Edit

  • A list of all categories is maintained at Project:Categories.
  • Sorting within a category:
    • Pages with a language suffix (e.g. /en, /de) are usually sorted on that language suffix.
    • A main page of a category is sorted with a space so it is listed first.
  • Category pages themselves use tabber:
    • The languages in tabber are sorted alphabetically, with English first.
    • Exception 1: when the category is about one language (e.g. Category:User nl, then that language goes first.
    • Exception 2: when the category is specifically for a language, it does not have tabber at all.

File pages Edit

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