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slack or loose, so as to flap readily
Flag Translation
Big-ca inconstant, lleugerament; fluix
Big-de flatterhaft
Big-es inconstante, ligeramente, levemente
WLB-FI läpyttävä
WLB-FR voltigeant
WLB-GL abano
WLB-HI फ़ड़फ़ड़ाना
WLB-IT svolazzante
WLB-JA ぱたぱたした (Patapata shita), たれた (Tareta), ゆるい (Yurui)
WLB-NL fladderig
WLB-PL kłapciasty
WLB-PT abano
WLB-RU взмахивающий
WLB-SR лепршаву
WLB-SV flaxig

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