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kleine süße Sachen zum Essen, wie Bonbons, Schokolade, Pralinen o.Ä.
Flag Translation
Big-en sweets, candy
Big-ca dolços, caramels
Big-es dulces, caramelos
WLB-FI karamelli, karkki
WLB-FR bonbons
WLB-GA milseáin
WLB-GL doces, caramelos
WLB-HI मिठाईयाँ
WLB-IT caramella, confetto, zucchero candito
WLB-JA お菓子 (おかし, Okashi), キャンディー (Kyandī)
WLB-LA cuppedia, dulcis
WLB-NL zoetigheden
WLB-PL słodycze, łakocie
WLB-PT doces, caramelos
WLB-RU конфета, леденец, сласти
WLB-SR слаткиш, слаткоћа, бомбона
slatkiš, slatkoća, bombona
WLB-SV karamell, snask

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