Wikia hosts wikis in more than 300 languages.
But how is that possible? Who is working behind the scenes to make that possible? There are many things that happen behind the scenes, for example all translations are done in background or on to make all Wikia features available to the whole world.
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Have you ever thought about translating Wikia features into your language?
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Now you can. It's easy to become a part of the translator community and adding your translations. Translate the latest features, and make them available for everyone in your language.

Start translating Wikia into your language today.

What are those strange links in different languages at the bottom of pages?
These links are called interlanguage links, often also referred to as interwiki links. These links help connecting pages about the same topic with each other, so that navigators can read them in other languages as well.

Find out more about interlanguage links and how to use them.

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These are the people you can contact about Wikia Translators.